Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Carroll Electric

A few of you asked about my status on facebook why I was having a bad day yesterday.
Well here it goes!!!
I have always had a problem with caroll electric but this about tops it off!
Well let me do explain and this is another form of venting also!
Last week I got my electric bill that was only $38 dollars, Boy was I excited or what. Never in my life had I ever recieved such a cheap electric bill. Well then yesterday I recieved another electric bill for $68 and some change. So I'm confused about the two different bills and two different account numbers and all. So I call carroll electric. and when I fianlly get a hold of someone, she tells me that I have 2 different accounts!!! HMMMMM, no I don't I said! Then she goes on about how I have an account at spruce and one on maple. Then I go onto telling her that we transferred our service on November 1st. That they were soppused to had shut off our service on spruce. I MEAN, SINCE WHEN AM I SOPPUSED TO TELL THE ELECTRIC COMPANY HOW TO DO THERE JOB...so anyways, I told her that I needed to speak to a supervisior, kept getting a run around. Well about after a hour of dealing with this lady, and nothing resolved she tells me that they haved to get it verified from the landlords that we did move out on the first.. I mean isin't getting your service transferred enough proof. Like I want to keep living in a house with no service. But apperently it was never shut off. Well The landlords have had construction workers and everybody and there brother over there at our old house getting it ready to sell it. And all of this time were being charged for the electric being used over there!!!

Hopefully today we can get something worked out.
But can you imagine???

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Scott and Nicole said...

That would be very aggravating indeed! I hope you get it worked out.