Monday, October 19, 2009

What the Doctor ordered!!!

Last Thursday I went to the doctor to get my blood drawn. So he can check everything and if everything is ok. Well all came back fine except for one thing. I'm at risk for HEART DISEASE!!! I've always been told since I was in my early twenty's that I have had bad cholesterol, I guess it's genetic, That's what the doctor told me. But I asked him why none of the doctors never gave me medicine to try to control it. And his responce was because I was still in my child bearing age. WHAT! LIKE I'M STILL NOT!!!! So He want's to put me on meds but there could be no chance that I get pregnant. I would have to go on somekind of birth control or an IUD. At this point at the doctors office I was so upset!!!! Bc I know that I am supposed to have 1 more child. So I rejected the medicine. So I went home and cried the rest of the day!! But meanwhile after being with the doctor. He is ordering me to exercise at least 4 times a week and go on a strict diet!!!
Which both of these are very hard for me to do! I hate to excerise and I LOVE FOOD!!!
obviously!!! So after prayer and a couple days to calm down. Im going to my OB with my lab results in hand and see what kind of medication would be safe for me to take and kinda get his feed back on what would happend if I were to become pregnant (bc the other dr said I would have to get abortion, and I told him that would never happend). But After sitting and really pondering on this situation I know that I need to get my self healthy and I still have 5 children that I need to care for and look after. I know I need to get healty for them!!! and for myself!!! So Im going to go on the medication and strict exercise and strict dieting!!!! This will be so hard for me, but I know I can do it!!!