Saturday, May 23, 2009

Announcing #8 in the Benefield family

Welcome Hunter!
The kids have been begging us for the longest time to get an animal. When we went to Mississippi last week I really saw how happy they were when they were around my dads dog. We have been searching for one since we've been back home. We'll I'm not really an animal person but when I saw this little guy I must say my heart melted. We got him from the humane society in rogers they have about 7 of his litter left. I wished I could have brought them all home!!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Is she mean!

So last night I had to have a good laugh. Chris was telling me about a question that one of his Co-workers was asking about me. I have seen him a few times and I ran into him wednesday at Hobby Lobby. I thought I politely said Hello. Well anyways Chris told me that his Co-worker asked him if I was mean? WHAT! I said laughing, mean!! I never though of my self being a mean person. Man!! I better smile more or something!! But truly I think I'm pretty nice person!!! HAHA