Friday, May 8, 2009

Is she mean!

So last night I had to have a good laugh. Chris was telling me about a question that one of his Co-workers was asking about me. I have seen him a few times and I ran into him wednesday at Hobby Lobby. I thought I politely said Hello. Well anyways Chris told me that his Co-worker asked him if I was mean? WHAT! I said laughing, mean!! I never though of my self being a mean person. Man!! I better smile more or something!! But truly I think I'm pretty nice person!!! HAHA


Greg and Amy said...

You ARE a nice person... that man may need to get his eyes and ears checked! :)

Scott and Nicole said...

I think you are a very nice person! =)

Jen said...

You are a sweetie!! That's why what he said is so funny!!!