Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Words from my mother in law

Well like most you of I stayed up last night watching the election and hoping and praying that Mccain would pull threw but all along I just knew that Obama would win and my worst night mares came true... He won ;o( . I just sat on my couch in disbelief and just really quiet for a moment and then I had to call the one person that I am really close to and give her the news I knew she was asleep but I didn't care. My mother in law... So indeed I did wake her up and gave her the news. She said that she wasn't surprized but she also told me that this is the signs of the times and from here on out she believes that things are going to go down hill from here and urging me to get our food storage squared away, pray with your family, Do all the things that the lord wants you to do and most of all Hold your family tight and don't let go..
So I just wanted to share this message with all of you guys and pray that we will pull threw the next 4 years.....

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Scott and Nicole said...

It's great advice. Thanks for sharing. Oh, and I love your blog background/header!